here is the new enduro weapon for 2024

Trek Slash Generation 6!

trek slash gen 6

what a bike it is.. We have some big changes to the Slash, more travel, more tuneable, high pivot, mullet setup.. ticking lots of boxes for more speed!

The Trek Slash sets a new benchmark for long-travel performance with more travel (170 mm/170 mm), more aggressive geometry and more ways to personalise your ride than ever before. Its new high-pivot suspension layout has a rearward axle path that gives Slash insanely smooth suspension for maintaining more forward momentum and more grip for devouring brutal trails. While many bikes with high-pivot suspension compromise pedalling efficiency, Slash’s geometry and axle path allow for climb-gripping traction for hammering back to the top without destroying your legs.  

New Pivot Placement

The Slash’s high main pivot allows the rear axle to move slightly rearwards as the suspension compresses. That means the back wheel can move with the force from impacts rather than against them, so it’s easier to barrel over obstacles than on a bike with a more traditional vertical axle path.  

What’s with the extra pulleys? As the rear axle moves backwards, it tugs on the chain, which pulls back on the crank. That pedal kickback makes for a harsh ride on the legs. Routing the chain around idler pulleys gives it room to grow without extra tension, so you don’t get that harsh pedal kickback.  

Placed for maximum pedalling efficiency, these oversized pulleys help keep pedalling smooth and prevent wasting your valuable energy. Not only is the Slash easier to pedal than other high-pivot bikes, but this thing scrambles right up super chunky, techy climbs. It maintains more upward momentum and the back wheel doesn’t get hung on the edge of roots or rocks. 

Extra-aggressive geometry

A super slack 63.5° head angle gives you downhill stability, while a steep 77° seat angle helps put power to the pedals. Size-specific chainstays give every rider balanced handling. The long reach gives you room to manoeuvre and there’s room for extra-long droppers. Most riders can run a 200 mm dropper!  

Come prepared

Internal frame storage makes it easy to carry your ride essentials without weighing you down

Rock the mullet

Since Trek Slash is made for the steepest terrain, it comes with a 29” wheel up front for monster-truck capability, and a smaller 27.5” wheel out back for more agility and better bike-to-bum clearance on near vertical roll-ins. But if you still want that full 29er speed, it's easy to run a big wheel out back by just swapping the lower shock mount brackets.

Quiet and protected

Updated guards deflect impacts. The chainstay guard has been meticulously designed with a shape that reduces chain movement for a blissfully quiet ride. Integrated Carbon Armour provides an extra layer of downtube protection while the removable external guards protect from rock and shuttle damage.

Ride your way

Slash has tons of adjustability for the most discerning riders. Adjust head angle one degree steeper or slacker with optional angle-adjust headset cups. Use the chip at the lower shock mount to adjust leverage rate. Replace the lower shock brackets to run full 29er.

Slash 8 XT

Slash 9 GX AXS

Slash 9.8 XT

Slash 9.8 GX AXS

Slash 9.9 XO AXS

Slash 9.9 XTR

Slash 9.9 XX AXS

All models are available in 5 sizes (SM/MD/ML/LG/XL) equipped with MX (mullet) wheel sizing (29er front/27.5 rear). Small sizes run 27.5" front and rear.

See the range below and F&Qs

What’s new about the frame?

All-new frame with a high pivot suspension design
– Updated, slacker geometry and optional angle adjust headset cups
– Increased rear travel from 160 mm to 170 mm
– Leverage rate adjust chip
– Stock mixed-wheel builds (29” front, 27.5” rear) on all sizes except S (27.5” front and rear)
– Updated frame protection with Integrated Carbon Armour and a noise-reducing chain stay guard
– Room for longer dropper posts

Do any frame sizes feature curved top tubes for lower standover? 

Size S does.

Can size S bikes with 27.5” wheels run 29” wheels?

No, there’s not enough fork or frame clearance.

Can I put a 29” wheel in the rear?

Yes, size M and up can run a 29” rear wheel. This requires swapping the bolt-on lower shock mount (sold separately for complete bikes, included with both AL and C frame sets) and removing the integrated rear mudguard (not enough clearance for 29” wheel). See service manual for part numbers.

Can I run 27.5” front and rear on M and larger sizes?

We don’t recommend it.

Why doesn’t it have Mino Link?

Because the angle-adjust headset and bolt-on lower shock mount make it redundant. Use the headset to adjust headtube angle, and the bolt-on lower shock mount to adjust BB height when switching rear wheel size.

How does the adjustable headset work?

You can swap out your headset cups to get a full degree of head angle adjustment. The bikes come with neutral/zero-degree cups. Consult the service manual to find part numbers to order the angle-adjust headset cups.
The upper cup is a drop-in part, but the lower cup needs to be pressed in with a standard shop headset press. The cups have notches and laser-engraved guides to help you install them straight. For more detailed installation instructions, speak with us.

What’s the maximum tyre width?

2.5” max width for both 27.5” and 29” wheels.

Are these bikes tubeless-compatible? What additional parts are required? 

All Slash complete bikes come with all the parts you need to set the wheels up tubeless. No additional parts required. Just add the included sealant.

Are the idler pulleys specific to Slash?

Yes, they are larger than most idler pulleys for added efficiency. See the service manual for replacement part numbers.

That oversized lower idler pulley is sick. Can I use it on the high-pivot Session?

Yes! Consult the Slash service manual for part numbers.

How much dropper post insertion does the frame have? 

S – 290 mm, M – 305 mm, ML – 325 mm, L – 340 mm, XL – 370 mm

Which aftermarket shocks are compatible?

We know that the following shocks will fit. Other shocks may fit but should be checked for frame clearance at full suspension compression.
– RockShox Super Deluxe coil
– RockShox Super Deluxe AXS
– RockShox Vivid Air
– Fox Live Valve NEO
– Fox X2

What size hardware is needed for aftermarket shocks?

Slash takes a 230 mm x 65 mm shock with an industry standard 54 mm x 10 mm upper and 20 mm x 8 mm lower standard pin mount.

What is the maximum chain ring size? Minimum chain ring size? 

Min – 28T, Max – 34T round, 32T oval

What is the chain line?

55 mm

Does the new high-pivot layout require a longer chain?

Sizes S to L use a standard un-cut 126-link chain. Due to the longer chain stay length on the XL, that size requires 128 links.

What is the crank interface?  

BSA 73 mm, threaded

Which version of Knock Block does it use? 

No Knock Block here.

What is the rear brake mount? What is the max rotor size?

Frame – 200 mm direct post mount with 220 mm max. Fork – check manufacturer spec

Does it have ISCG mounts? 

ISCG 05, 3-bolt

Will the storage doors be colour-matched?

Some colourways will have paint-matched storage doors, but not all. Generally, matte paint jobs will not have paint-matched storage doors.

Does it come with a water bottle cage?

All models (even the frame sets!) come with a Bontrager right-side-load water bottle cage.

Are there any special tools needed?

There’s a new tool to make it easier to remove bearings in the rocker and main pivot. See service manual for part numbers